Little Paris

Little Paris

Little Paris

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1h 46m 2008 HD

Guarda Little Paris Film Completo Online. "Little Paris" is the nickname given to Luna's hometown in provincial Baden Württemberg. Its name comes from a replica of the Eiffel Tower on a factory roof on an industrial estate next to the A9 autobahn. Luna knows she has to leave her home, the dead-end part-time jobs and a relationship which has about as much going for it as the local market. And that's not a lot. With the arrival of the mysterious dancer G. in the small town, life in the place is suddenly shaken up his erotic vibes and moves. Luna finds herself in love with G. who is different to her childhood sweetheart Ron. G. is the first one to recognize her talent and together they start rehearsing at the "Pink Palace", a huge disco, for an audition for a dance contest in Berlin. If they win, they could end up starring in a music video. With the support of G., with whom she's falling deeper in love..

Little Paris (2008)
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