die Expats

die Expats

die Expats

(2.5 a partire dal 2 utenti)

1h 13m 2018 HD

Guarda die Expats Film Completo Online. DIE EXPATS explores love, loss and lust, identity and modern relationships. It is a story of four people in search of reclaiming a sense of self while navigating the knotted, overlapping space they occupy. When said space begins closing in around them, they realize the only way to get out, and not be squashed by it, is to examine their own intentions, and be willing to let go of the past, and each other. The saying goes, people come to Berlin to find what they want; but for this group, Berlin is the bearer of disillusionment. Perhaps in finding out what they don't want, Vivian, Nate, Sienna and Andreas finally uncover what it is they each truly need.

die Expats (2018)
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