Żona i nie żona

Żona i nie żona

Żona i nie żona

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1h 01m 1941 HD

Guarda Żona i nie żona Film Completo Online. Disappointed with her life so far, Irena leaves her husband Zenon and leaves for Paris . He lives a free life there with his lover Duval. The millionaire Geist, her secret admirer, who insidiously led to the separation of her husband, being his false friend, learns about it. Desperate Zeno, who tries to commit suicide, enters the care of nurse Nelly, who also looks after little Tola; an emotional bond is born between them. Meanwhile, Irena, summoned by a millionaire planning a wedding with her, returns to Warsaw , where further complications arise between her, Geist, lover and husband.

Żona i nie żona (1941)
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